3M Flip-Top Diluent 9ML (PWS)


Peptone water with saline for microbial sample dilutions


  • Pre-measure 9mL peptone water saline
  • Equivalent to peptone salt diluent (ISO Method 6887) and maximum recovery diluent (MRD)
  • Supplied with a NATA approved laboratory performance certificate
  • Easy-open flip top lid – single handed use
  • Broad flip-top mouth allows easy access and use
  • Double sealed lid inhibits leakage
  • Long shelf life


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The 3M Diluent range consists of sterile, ready-to-use dilution fluids ideal for food, water and environmental microbiology testing laboratories. The light-weight dilution tubes are cleverly designed with an easy to open flip-top lid, allowing convenient single hand operation. The broad flip-top mouth also allows easy access and use. Leakage is no longer a problem, thanks to the specially designed double-seal lid. With these unique features, 3M ready-to-use diluents will help your laboratory save time, increase productivity and reduce costs. Designed with an easy to open flip-top lid to prevent solution leaking. The 3M Diluent contains precisely 9mL of Peptone Water Saline (PWS), which is equivalent in formulation to Peptone Salt Diluent (ISO Method 6887) and Maximum Recovery Diluent (MRD).

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