3M Clean-Trace Allergen Surface Swabs (ALLTEC60)



  • Results in 15 Minutes
  • Proactive, qualitative approach to verification
  • Detects down to 3µg of protein
  • Broad range allergen screening is more cost-effective when specific tests are not required
  • Eliminates mistakes and waste
  • No reconstitution step ensure consistent repeatable results

Pack Size: 60 Tests 

Please Note: An incubator is required for this test

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High sensitivity allergen prevention test

The 3M Clean-Trace Allergen Surface Swabs (ALLTEC60) are a quick and easy way to verify the cleanliness of surfaces by detecting protein residues left behind after cleaning. By simply swabbing the area and activating the device, you release a reagent that changes colour, providing a qualitative and semi-quantitative result of the protein levels on the surface: green means clean and purple means re-clean. The more protein present, the quicker the colour change to purple and the darker the colour. ALLTEC60 quickly validates surface hygiene, allowing immediate corrective action to be taken when necessary.

The proof is in the colour

Green means clean, and purple means re-clean. Protecting your product quality and ensuring customer safety has never been easier. The more protein in your sample, the deeper and darker the purple becomes.  HACCP PLUS  

No interpretation required

The results couldn’t be easier to read. If protein is present in a sample, the reagent in the device will turn purple for immediate verification that is simple for any user to understand without interpretation or instrumentation.

Incredibly fast results

Detect protein residue in just minutes after you swab. With sensitivity down to 3 µg of protein, AllTEC60 provides a reliable indication of surface hygiene.


Detects 3 µg protein after incubation at 15 minutes – 55 °C.