GlitterBug Potion


Handwashing training made easy


  • Fun and effective tool to demonstrate & teach good hand washing techniques 
  • Hand lotion utilisers fluorescent dyes 
  • GlitterBug UV Light gives visual aid to help demonstrate 
  • Fun and practical for all age groups 
  • Simple-to-use

Pack Size: 1 Bottle

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Perfect for food manufacturers, schools, healthcare providers and food-handling businesses, GlitterBug Potion provides a valuable tool for teaching proper hand-hygiene techniques. The Potion is formulated with UV fluorescent material which will shine under UV light, highlighting any areas missed when washing hands.

To demonstrate handwashing technique when using hot water and soap: 

1. Rub the GlitterBug Potion onto your hands like you would with hand cream 2. Wash and dry your hands as you normally would 3. Place your hands under a UV light and look for any fluorescent areas. These fluorescent areas highlight spots that were not adequately washed during washing and where bugs may lurk on your hands. GlitterBug Potion is sold in a convenient 240mL pump pack that dispenses the right amount to cover a pair of hands, allowing for approximately 200 applications.  


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