Neogen (3M) Rapid Gluten Detection Kit



  • Results in 11 minutes 
  • Rapid, qualitative immunochromatographic lateral flow test cartridges designed for the detection of allergenic food proteins.
  • Designed to detect both processed and unprocessed allergen proteins 
  • Test can be used for environmental swabs, CIP rinse water and food samples 
  • Long shelf life – 2 years from manufacture date 

Please Note: Transfer pipettes and environmental swabs are sold separately

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The Neogen (formally 3M) Allergen kits enable allergen detection at every stage of production. Their lateral flow device provides hygiene test results within 11 minutes, allowing for swift corrective actions. These user-friendly kits offer a wide range of allergen-specific options for comprehensive testing and compliance with regulations.


The hook effect, also known as the prozone effect, is a widely acknowledged immunological phenomenon that can hinder the accuracy of antibody-based assays. It occurs when there is a high concentration of the target allergen, leading to potential issues in the test results. Specifically, the hook effect can result in false negative results for samples with high levels of allergen contamination, posing a significant risk to individuals with allergies. To address this challenge, the Neogen Allergen kits have incorporated an innovative Hook Line detection system into their testing strips. This additional feature enables the identification and mitigation of the hook effect, providing enhanced confidence and security in the accuracy of allergen reporting. By detecting and accounting for the potential interference caused by high allergen concentrations, the Neogen Allergen kits ensure more reliable and precise results, thus improving the safety and well-being of allergy sufferers.

Please note: If you wish to use the allergen test for product testing you will require a transfer pipette and if you wish to perform surface testing, you will require both a transfer pipette & environmental collection swab.

The Neogen Allergen Kits are an simple to use, lateral flow tests. Here you can see just how simple it is to read your 11 minute results. What stands out with the Neogen Allergen Range is the Hook Line. The hook line allows you to be aware of false positives.


3M Gluten Protein Rapid Kit


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