SwabSURE Listeria Detection Kit



  • Safe and contained test – No training required 
  • Easy to read colour change results
  • Sensitive <1 cfu/swab
  • ISO 18593:2018 compliant
  • Results in 24-48 hours
  • Pre-moistened swabs for optimised recovery
  • Neutralising buffer to neutralise Sanitiser & Detergent residues

Please note: An incubator is required to run this test

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The SwabSURE Listeria Detection Kit is designed for companies in the food and beverage industry who would like to bring their environmental listeria testing inhouse. When it comes to hygiene monitoring, especially when dealing with food, there is little room for error. Waiting around for days to receive results from the laboratory isn’t good enough, you need fast and accurate results to confirm your workplace environment and surfaces are listeria free.  SwabSURE Listeria provides presumptive results in as little as 24-48 hours, thus providing faster, more cost-effective results than outsourcing to a laboratory. Now you can be confident your surfaces are pathogen free.  The pathogen detection kit comprises two components. Firstly, there is a pre-moistened swab, which effectively neutralizes the impact of cleaning solutions and enhances the retrieval of bacteria from dry surfaces. Secondly, the kit includes a highly specific and sensitive detection media. This media facilitates the detection process by producing a visible colour change within 18-24 hours for E.coli & Coliforms and Salmonella spp., and within 24-48 hours for Listeria spp., if the targeted organisms are present on the surfaces being tested.

Please note: An incubator is required to run this test. The incubator we recommend is our best-selling Cultura Incubator

SwabSURE Listeria

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