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Welcome to HACCP Plus, Your online store for DIY Food Safety Tools

Author: Daniel Warren

HACCP Plus Pty Ltd – Who are we and what do we provide?

For this month’s blog post, we will be focusing on our company HACCP Plus Pty Ltd. We will delve into our company’s background, the services we offer, and the industries that can benefit from our services.

What is HACCP Plus?

HACCP Plus is an online store that specialises in DIY food safety tools & testing kits that help you stick to your HACCP plan. Many of us know, the internet and online stores are the future. Now more than ever you can find anything you need online and get it shipped directly to you, and that was our goal with HACCP Plus. We created our simple-to-use website that allows customers in the food and beverage industry to purchase their food testing kits online 24/7, to fit in with busy schedules. No contracts or minimum spending required and each product has pack inserts, brochures and demonstration videos showing just how simple it is to perform our tests. Although it is an online store, you can most definitely speak to one of our expert staff members for personalised advice and information.  

What is a DIY Food Safety Tool?

A DIY Food Safety Tool is a testing kit you can perform yourself inhouse, compared to outsourcing samples to a laboratory. If you look on our website you will find 12 different categories to help you find what safety tool is best suited for your business. Our main food safety tools we provide are our DIY Rapid Cleaning Validation Kits (Detects if your working surfaces are clean to a hygienic level), Allergen & Pathogen Detection and DIY Microbiology Testing.  

What are the benefits of using a DIY Food Safety Tool?

The benefit of using a DIY Food Safety Tool is time and money. By using one of our Food Safety Tools you can receive real time rapid results that won’t break the budget. Sending samples off to a laboratory can be expensive and take days to receive results, which leaves you at risk of contamination spreading in your workplace. By bringing your food safety testing inhouse you can receive results in minutes and take corrective action immediately.

What companies can benefit from our products?

Most companies can benefit for our kits, however we mainly provide to companies in the Australian Food and Beverage industry. Whether you are a smallgoods company, dry goods, dairy, bakery, abattoirs, breweries, seafood or ready-to-eat meals, HACCP Plus can help you cut back on costs and provide you with the tools to stick to your food safety plan. We also have a range of kits such as our GlutenTox Home (Detects gluten in food and drinks) that is designed for everyday people to use at home.

Do I need laboratory training to use these tests and how big are they?

Not only are our food safety tools small in size, but they also do not require any training to use them. Often times we hear customers asking if they need to set up a laboratory to operate these tests and the answer is simply no. Our DIY kits can be performed anywhere from any location. Our customers use these kits out on the road, on the production floor and in the office. Our kits have long expiry and are small in size so it is easy to store.
If you are in the Australian Food & Beverage industry and want to learn what testing kits may be of benefit to you, please feel free to reach out via email at or give us a call at 02 9099 5988.
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