Neogen Clean-Trace – Hygiene Monitoring & Management System



  • Verify your surfaces are clean to a hygienic level in 10 seconds
  • Easy-to-use handheld device – No training required
  • Wireless capabilities with Bluetooth technology
  • Create sample plans, charts and reports to monitor and predict issues before they impact your products
  • Robust hardware – stands up to harsh manufacturing environments 
  • Stay organised with audit-ready reports – keep all your cleaning validation results in one place
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Introducing Clean-Trace

The Neogen (formally 3M) Clean-Trace Luminometer is a simple, quick and reliable hand held diagnostic tool to verify cleaning effectiveness and capture, store and manage data. After taking a sample the Clean-Trace system measures the amount of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP – energy source of all living cells) and gives you an objective numerical value combined with a Pass/Caution/Fail notification in just 10 seconds.

A view of the Clean-Trace Hygiene Management Software. Keep all you hygiene data in one place.


When it comes to hygiene monitoring, especially in the food and beverage industry, there is little room for error. Don’t waste time searching for reports. Featuring a redesigned dashboard for a quick and easy way to collect, store and retrieve test results for reports,. The complimentary Neogen Clean-Trace Hygiene Monitoring Software turns data into information, helping you identify root causes and take action immediately. Easy and intuitive to use with convenient wireless and networking capabilities. Put your data to work identifying workplace trends, optimising productivity and adding value to the process.        3M is the global leader in food safety and when it comes to ATP testing, no one does it better. Clean-Trace is easy to implement into your business and allows you to verify if your surfaces and equipment have been cleaned to a hygienic level.  


Demonstration Video

3M Clean-Trace ATP Swab Demonstration  How-To-Use The Clean-Trace Hygiene Monitoring & Management System


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